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Lauda RP845C

Lauda Lauda RP845C


Article description:

Thermostatic bath/circulator with latest microprocessor technology and
integrated cooling system
Easily readable green LED display for temperature
User-friendly menu guidance. Simple operation by means of 3 keys. Additional
key Tmax for excess temperature
EasyUse system for simple operation of the whole unit
SelfCheck Assistent for system diagnosis
Fully electronic continuous controller with PID action for internal and
external control
PowerAdapt system for the use of the maximum possible amount of heat as long as
permitted by the power supply system
Low-level protection and adjustable over-temperature protection with acoustic
alarm. Float switch for identifying of low or high level
LAUDA Varioflex pump (pressure/suction) with 8 selectable levels
Option for upgrading with up to 2 interfaces (RS 232/485, analogue or contact
Pump connectors on the side and in the back, installed bypass
SmartCool system for energy-saving digital cooling management including
compressor on-off control
Bath vessel made of stainless steel (insulated, with handles and release valve)

Technical data (according to DIN 12876)
Working temperature range -45 °C … 200 °C
Temperature control ± 0,01 °C
Heater power 3,5 kW
Cooling capacity at 20 °C 0,80 kW
Pressure-/Suction pump
– Pump pressure/suction max. 0,7/0,4 bar
– Pump flow max. pressure/suction 25/23 L/min
Bath volume max. 8 L
Size of bath (W x D x H) 150 x 150 x 200 mm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 285 x 430 x 688 mm

Standard accessories 1 bath cover
2 nipples and
4 closing plugs for pump connectors

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