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Circulating air freezer

Lneya Circulating air freezer

Mini Ultra- Low Temperature Refrigerator Exclusive Use – Circulating air freezer
Description & Application:
1.Widely used in small medical refrigerator,confidential equipment
assembly line of low temperature freezer.
2.Independent refrigerated air recirculating unit and can operate
directly without professional knowledge of refrigeration,it is
relatively independent of cold storage and cryogenic box.
3.Can work for a long time continuosly,defrosting automatically
and it can not affect the storage temperature in the process of
4.Modular design and replace easily for standby machine, (If there
are 10 sets of machines,only one standby machine is enough)
5.Solve the problems of open or close the door frequently and
frosting problem in evaporation system,it will not affect the
temperature of cold storage&cryogenic box in the process of
defrost in evaporation system.
6. Easy installation ( joint the box according to mechanical
drawing,connect the electricity and water and set temperature
completely to work)



Recirculating air Temperature range

-80℃ ~-135℃

Controller mode

PID adaptive controller


MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS 485 Interface


7-inch color touch screen controller, temperature curve record, data export to excel format.

Temp. accuracy


Defrost device

Defrosting automatically and it will close the circulation air transportation automatically when defrosting, the time of defrosting <5 min;

It does not effect the temperature in the process of defrost.

Defrost mode

Defrosting by hot gas bypass compressor.

Cooling capacity



Circulating air volume


Safety protection

Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level protection,high temperature protection and temperature fault protection.

Defrost device

There are installed defrost device and condensate drain inside


Can work continuously



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