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positive Pressure Explosion-proof Cabinet

Lneya positive Pressure Explosion-proof Cabinet positive Pressure Explosion-proof Cabinet positive Pressure Explosion-proof Cabinet
  • The PXK Bring The Clean And Security Of Compressed Air In Positive Pressure Cavity By Intelligent Control System Matching Pressure Control System Of Explosion-Proof Control Box And To Be A Micro-Positive Pressure To Prevent The Dangerous Gases, Dust In,Which Reached To The Purpose Of Explosion-Proof.

Note:All Lneya water-cooled type model in the catalogue can be produced EXPXdmb II BT4 EXPXdmb II CT4

Positive Pressure Explosion-proof Cabinet(PXK)

It is designed and examined according to the national standard GB3836.5-2004 Electrical equipment's positive pressure “ P” used in explosive gas environment Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine etc. in which dangerous area with explosive gas and dust. Ex-mark is Expxdmb II CT4.Certification: GYB091118

The PXK bring the clean and security of compressed air in positive pressure cavity by intelligent control system matching pressure control system of explosion-proof control box and to be a micro-positive pressure to prevent the dangerous gases, dust in, which reached to the purpose of explosion-proof.

This product with the function of intelligent centralized control, LCD text display, automatic ventilation, automatic delay power-up, air supply for pressure loss, fault alarm and automatically cut off power supply in danger, etc

Positive pressure cabinet is composed of positive pressure cavity and control cavity; Positive pressure cavity is used for installing various of instrument or electronics which with non-explosion-proof. The control cavity has explosion-proof control box and pressure control system. The case material of positive pressure cabinet with 2~3mm Cold rolled steel sheet welding and the Air-duct with galvanized steel pipe; Adopt bulkhead connector and tightening device for in & out of the cable. There is a glass display in the front of door and display the information of instrument and indicator light.

Structure Description Safety Instruction

1. PXK value >280Pa, Automatic vent

2. PXK value<80Pa,>50Pa, Automatic alarm

3. PXK value<50Pa, Automatically power off

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