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Rotary Evaporators

IKA's new RV 10 rotary evaporators for optimal distilling prove: Even one of the oldest chemical processes has room for improvement. For example, all IKA rotary evaporators are equipped with a motorized lift, which lifts the evaporator flask out of the heating bath if a power disruption occurs. Thus, negative consequences such as a boiling delay are preventable with the RV 10 rotary evaporators. Interval operation for optimal mixing, a smooth start for a safe increase in speed, an end position setting for protection against the glass breaking, and the timer function complete the safety package. The digital version of the rotary evaporator also features a digital temperature display and an RS 232 interface. A control version with an integrated vacuum controller, USB interface, and graphics-capable display is available for fully automated distilling processes. Finally, the RV 10 rotary evaporators' performance package includes the one-of-a-kind 5-year warranty. The RV 10 rotary evaporators set new benchmarks when it comes to

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